About Studio Saru

Studio Saru is specially designed as a dedicated space to express creativity in fashion, lifestyle, and social media. We know what it takes to set up a good fashion shoot. This is why we offer a dynamic experience for our clients. Our full-service fashion and lifestyle production studio is equipped with the latest technology in photography, and a unique space crafted for creative fashion and lifestyle.

The Space

The Studio Saru shooting area is a cosy and thematic space exuding soul in a vibrant neighbourhood. Located in Bali Lane, it is designed specially for flexible fashion and artist setups. It is also an ideal space for creative and private events, as well as workshops. We also offer a private dressing room, makeup area, and pantry, as well as a cosy living area for discussion of creative concepts.

9am – 9pm$55 / hour$65 / hour
9pm - 12am$110 / hour$130 / hour
Full Day (9am - 9pm)$600$700

Items below are included in studio booking.

Studio Specifications

Total Area: 1000sqft

Shooting Area: (5m x 5m)

Ceiling: 3.5m

Backdrop Paper Size: (2.7m width x 3m height, length up to 10m)

Entrance: 2nd Floor with Stairs

Studio Door Size: 80cm (W) x 230cm (H)

Free Wifi

Dressing Room

Make Up Area

Changing Room

Indoor Bathroom


Discussion and Living Area

2 High Power Cassette Unit Air Conditioners

Lighting and Modifiers

4x Elinchrom ELC 1000

3x Elinchrom Portalite Softbox (66cm x 66cm)

1x Elinchrom Quadra Portalite Octa Softbox (56cm)

2x Elinchrom Snoot and Grid Wireless Radio Trigger
(Usable with Canon, Sony, Nikon and Fuji)

Studio Props

White Rectangular Display Boxes x 5

White Acrylic Cylinder Display Boxes x 5
White Wooden Fireplace Prop x 2

Stage Platform
Wooden Stools
8 Seater Wooden Long Table: (240cm length x 120cm width)


Lighting Support and Others

4x Elinchrom Heavy Duty Light Stands

2x Heavy Duty C-Stands

3 in 1 Reflector
Savage Paper Backdrops (Available in 14 different colours)

1x Studio Fan


1x Marshall Wireless Bluetooth Enabled Speaker System

1x Clothing Steamer
1x Clothing Rack (Hangers included)

1x Hair Straightener

1x Hair Dryer

1x Hair Curler

Check out our rental page for more equipment and props available for rent.